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60 Acronyms And Their Meanings You Dont Know

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We bet you dont know the full meaning of these acronyms. Read on?
1.) GOOGLE – Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth.
2.) YAHOO – Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.
3.) WINDOW – Wide Interactive Network Development for Office work Solution.
4.) COMPUTER – Common Oriented Machine Particularly United and used under Technical and Educational Research.
5.) VIRUS – Vital Information Resources Under Siege.
6.) UMTS – Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
7.) AMOLED – Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode.
8.) OLED – Organic light-emitting diode.
9.) IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identity.
10.) ESN – Electronic Serial Number.
11.) UPS – Uninterruptible power supply.
12. HDMI – High-Definition Multimedia Interface.
13.) VPN – Virtual private network.
14.) APN – Access Point Name.
15.) SIM – Subscriber Identity Module.
16.) LED – Light emitting diode.
17.) DLNA – Digital Living Network Alliance.
18.) RAM – Random access memory.
19.) ROM – Read only memory.
20.) VGA – Video Graphics Array.
21.) QVGA – Quarter Video Graphics Array.
22.) WVGA – Wide video graphics array.
23.) WXGA – Widescreen Extended Graphics Array…
24.) USB – Universal serial Bus.
25.) WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network.
26.) PPI – Pixels Per Inch.
27.) LCD – Liquid Crystal Display.



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