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LADIES!! You Should NOT Be Wearing Panties To Bed…. Here’s Why



For some reasons, and sometimes for no reason at all, some women like to wear sleeping gowns or shirts to bed. Some others like to wear pajamas, and some prefer boy shorts and T-shirts. And then there are those who would rather sleep in nothing at all.

For women who choose to wear something, the other big (or not thought about) decision is – “Should I keep my underwear on or not?”

If you are not a nude sleeper, the smart move is to ditch your undies at night. OK, I know you can’t take my word on this. Read the experts’ opinions:

Dr. Alyssa Dweck is a well respected Gynaecologist  and author of bestseller – V for Vagina. She says:

“When a woman’s private parts are covered up all day by confining clothing and nonbreathable fabrics, including sweaty workout clothes or sanitary pads, it can cause vaginal irritation and moisture to collect in this area, providing a perfect breeding ground for yeast or bacterial infections.”


Dr Jennifer Bradford of The Centre for Vulvovaginal Health who specializes exclusively in vulvo-vaginal disorders and pelvic pain says:

“Wearing underpants can make the vulval environment even hotter.  In women who are prone to heat and/or sweat rashes, this can cause vulval irritations.”

“Very little is known about the mechanisms which keep a woman’s vagina in good health.  However, we have anecdotal evidence that wearing occlusive garments increases the chances of vaginal problems such as thrush. This is why we all need “more air down there.”

If you are not entirely comfortable with going bare commando, Dr. Dweck advise you opt for a loose-fitting cotton pair. She says:

“If there’s ever a time to break out the granny panties, this would be the time.”

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