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If You Ever Wake Up At Night And Can’t Move, This Is What It Means…

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Have you ever been in a situation to wake up suddenly from your sleep and feel that you are totally paralyzed?

You can’t seem to move or even talk, despite the efforts you make anything. You must admit that is really terrifying and after a later you are asking yourself: “what in the hell just happened?”

All people agree that sleep paralysis is frightening as hell! At some point of time you actually feel as if someone is pressing against you, or lurking only inches above you. Totally terrifying and one hell of a way to start the day.

On the one site, there are experts who believe that your mind is playing tricks on you, but on the other hand, many others associate it with a demonic possession which has temporarily taken over your body. In some cases a loud crash or explosion is heard right before your body becomes frozen, which makes the experience even more frightening.


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