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15 thing N500 Naira notes can no longer Buy or Afford

At  a time when everything is tough and inflation has eaten the economy so deep, NIgerians are really getting uncomfortable with situations. We remember then when Charles Soludo Introduced the N500 note, we all were happy, we taught it was going to be our biggest currency but now we hope the apex bank dont introduce N5000 note on the  current 1000 Naira note which stands as Nigeria biggest denomination.


Hey Pals, Here are 15 things Nigerians can no longer do with the N500 Notes;

  1. You cant cook an average soup with N500… I remember 10 years ago, an average class Nigeria family could prepare stew for there just prepared white rice with N500… Well there might be no meat, chicken or turkey but there could be some tilapia fish.
  2.  Will you believe 500Naira can no longer buy Hair attachment. I know I am not wrong… I observed that our ladies often pay above 500Naira on every attachment they buy..

3. Synonymous to the ladies, the high class NIgerian Now pay above N500 to barb or cut there hairs. Fuel is cost! A litre is N150 Got help us!

4. Would you also believe that N500 can no Longer by a Lectureres Handout! Our Higher Institution lecturers now sell there average handout for atleast N1000. In 2007, some were kind to us and we could get it for N500.

5. Lemme mention this, Never knew the the female BRA is this expensive. I learnt an original quality BRA is above N500..Bra’s now sell for N2000.. New and Quality ones.

6. N500 is now to small for Your Monthly Data Subscription. You need N1,500 to connect your device to internet.

7. Its sad to know N500 Can no longer buy Shawarma.

8. Hello Ma, Its safe to say N500 Can no longer buy a Basket of Tomatoes.

9. N500 Can no buy good Drugs that cure an Malaria or Typhoid. May we not fall sick in Jesus Name!

10. Its interesting to say 500 Naira can no longer power your Generator over night, irrespective of the KV of the plant.

11. Thanks to God for creating our ladies with a Breast to feed babies. N500 c  an no longer buy babies Foods e.g Cerelac, Nutrient and many others lol.. and the way  babies suck these days dou.. Even husbands pity the wife..lol

12. For the working class, N500 Can no longer buy a quality Shoe, Bag, Shirt, Skirt or Trouser… Cost of Importation is getting higher daily and still no Increase in Salary per worker in the labour Force.

13. It doesn’t stop above, N500 Can no longer sew our native attire. The average “iro & Buba” usually goes for N500 wayback for an average Nigerian. The Fashion designer no longer charge N500.. The best you now get is N1500+! Wow… No wonder everyone want to be fashion designer.

14. Make Up! Is there any good power and other make up material less than N500! I doubt it… You can no longer afford your make up sets for N500

15. Irrespective of how short the distance is.. A Drop Cab can never go less than N1000 with you… If you live in Lagos you will agree 100% with me. The cost of transportation is getting unbearable for the average Nigerians…


I believe you found this interesting and exciting..

Use the comment BOX, to tell us other things N500 Can no longer buy!

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