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5 Reasons Facebook May Be Making You Unhappy

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02 Sep 2013, Hanoi, Vietnam --- epa03847754 A young woman uses social networking site Facebook on her phone in a cafe in Hanoi, Vietnam, 02 September 2013. A new Vietnamese government decree banning internet users from posting information found online on social media sites took affect on 01 September. According the decree, blogs and social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, should be used to provide and share personal information only. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH --- Image by © LUONG THAI LINH/epa/Corbis
Here are just a few of the ways your Facebook newsfeed may be contributing to your bad mood.

1. You keep toxic people in your life

If you make the mistake of friending someone toxic on Facebook, you’re inviting them to judge every picture and status update you post. If they’re a critical, tactless or unkind person, do you really want their opinion on everything you do?
Even if you aren’t friends with someone on Facebook, your mutual connections mean you might still be exposed to their opinion regularly.

2. The ex factor

In real life we know stalking an ex is unhealthy, creepy and maybe even illegal. On Facebook it is completely undetectable and very tempting.
It’s also very destructive. What do you expect your ex to post on Facebook? Their darkest thoughts and worst fears? No, they’ll post happy family pics, in jokes with people who used to be mutual friends, and, sooner or later, a photo of them with their new partner.

3. Envy

It’s no surprise when someone ends up getting jealous over an ex, but some Facebook users also start to feel envious of their closest friends. Facebook lives are perfectly crafted. No one posts their worst pictures or openly discusses their epic fails. On graduation day, or exam results day, no parent hops on Facebook to announce a string of mediocre results or a failure to graduate.


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