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Ladies, Here Are 5 ‘Period’ Facts You Should Know

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shutterstock-menstruation-blonde-menstrual-painWe all know what period is, but there are certain things about our period that we do not know, but ought to. Check these few facts out, they will help lighten up the burden of a disturbing period.

1. There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Flow.

While having a heavy flow is relatively common… and most women tend to bleed more in the first few days, if you find yourself needing to change your pad or tampon more than every two to three hours, or if your period lasts longer than seven days, it’s likely time to talk to a health care provider about your options.

2. Pain Relief Requires Foresight …

For women who have painful periods, getting relief from cramping and other common physical symptoms often requires taking over-the-counter pain relievers before any bleeding even starts. Research also suggests that certain lifestyle changes, like getting plenty of exercise and sleep, eating healthy foods and finding ways to relax can help provide some women with some relief.

3. You Can Get Pregnant During Your Period.

It’s highly unlikely, but it is possible for you to become pregnant during your period. As Health.com explains, some women have long periods that overlap with the beginning of ovulation — even though they’re still menstruating.


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