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Ladies, Here Are 5 ‘Period’ Facts You Should Know

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period (1)4. Even If You’re Regular, You Might Not Be Totally Regular.

Teen girls’ cycles can last anywhere from 21 to 45 days. And “most women do not get their period on the exact same day of the month.  Think about it… most months have 30 or 31 days in them, so even if your cycle is 100-percent precise, your period won’t start on exactly the same day or date every month.
In addition, it is not necessarily uncommon to have one or two abnormal periods per year. Irregular or missed periods can come from a variety of causes, including illness, stress, significant weight loss or gain, or pregnancy.

5. How You Deal With Hygiene Is Important.

Sure, movies and TV shows tend to portray women’s periods as somehow “gross,” but menstruation is a perfectly normal biological process and women shouldn’t go overboard in the hygiene department. It’s good to use a soap that has a pH that’s similar to your own body’s … no douches, no powders, no talcs, no perfume sprays, none of the wipes that are so popular now, because they can cause irritation.

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