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MUST READ: Top 5 Mistakes That Lead to UK Visa Denial

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The general belief out there is that you require to build up your “travel resume”, just the way you will build up your “professional resume” in order to get visa from countries like United States Schengen countries (Italy, France, Germany etc) and United Kingdom, while this holds water for the earlier mentioned countries or group of countries, it is not entirely correct for the United Kingdom.

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Just to be clear, a bit of travel history will always be invaluable…I’d rather say helpful. I said helpful because I have never seen a United Kingdom visa application that was denied solely for Lack of travel history, it is actually never mentioned (though you’ll be naïve to believe that it isn’t one of the Big factors) United Kingdom as a country tries really hard to play by the rules and that extends to the visa processes so all you have to do is to ensure that you play by the rules and you just might get the visa even in the absence of a “travel history”.

This is exactly why I’ll advise ambitious virgin passport holders to skip United States (which depends a lot on the Visa officer’s gut feeling) and Schengen countries (that are particularly not transparent about their processes) and apply for a United Kingdom visa, as a first time visa applicant, you stand the big chance to get it if you prepare a good application. Preparing a good application, however, is not that easy as there are common mistakes that people keep repeating. This article, therefore, tries to explain 5 of the most common mistakes. So without further ado, we’ll delve right into them.

1. Unexplained “Money Lodgement” – There is a general perception that you’re required to have plenty of money which is demonstrated by your Bank account balance, isn’t that why they ask for your bank statement? A friend who earns Eighty thousand Naira a month was applying for a UK visa, he got a family member to deposit two million Naira into his account so the balance will be impressive…terrible mistake!!! Lots of applications get denied based on this particular reason.
Yes, they need to know that you have a good bank balance, but these guys aren’t easily fooled, they need to know that you earned it so they’re more interested in the transaction flow, they’re interested in your salary, how much it is and how steady it is, a big bank balance is good only if builds up over time not when an unexplained lump sum is deposited. Such deposits look fishy, if for whatever reason you have an unexplained money lodgement, you need to add an explanatory note to your application to detail how you came to such lump sum.
I’ve seen folks get denied because their quarterly profit sharing payment came in without an adequate narration, irrespective of what the narration says, I’d strongly advice that you explain it. Folks with irregular salary (you earn 120k this month and the 280k the next month) can easily fall prey to this, so my advice is to explain, you can never go wrong doing that, get whatever support documents there is to corroborate your explanation, your pay slips, employment contract or whatever that can explain your irregular salary.


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