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9 Sure Things All Introverts Can Relate To

MoodEvery introvert can relate with the following:

1. They are content with spending time alone.

These people are low-maintenance in the sense that they are perfectly happy with spending time doing their own thing and finding ways to preoccupy themselves. They don’t need someone to constantly entertain them and can enjoy time with just themselves.

2. They are independent.

Instead of getting a bunch of people involved to solve their problem for them, introverted people are self-reliant. They don’t depend on their parents or peers for everything from a source of entertainment to assistance with every challenge; instead, these kids will try their own resources first before asking for help.

3. They opt for quiet time out of choice, not fear.
Unlike shy people, introverted ones are not being held back from doing what they want because of fear. They are quiet or spending time alone because that is what they want to be doing and are choosing to do what makes them happiest instead of being limited by anxiety.

4. They have in-depth friendships.

These loyal friends might not have a long list of superficial friends, but they nurture the relationships they do have. They prefer to have a deep friendship with someone over being acquaintances with everyone and they keep their friends close.

5. They are cautious.

Instead of just jumping right into different situations, these people will take time to process information and consider the potential outcomes before acting. While it might seem like they are standing back at first out of fear, they are really just taking a moment to observe the situation and not get involved in something they may later regret.

6. They don’t speak just to hear their own voice.

Even though these peeps are quiet, when they do speak, it’s important to listen because they most likely have something thoughtful to say. They thrive during smaller interactions and prefer to have in-depth conversations instead of just surface chats.

7. They are capable of self-exploration.

While some people suffer with self-expression, these children have an easier time getting in touch with their feelings because they take the time alone with their thoughts to reflect. It may be harder to tell how an introvert is feeling because they aren’t as open with their feelings and are harder to get to know, but they enjoy activities of self-exploration and will share with those whom they consider close.

8. They are observant.

Don’t underestimate an introverted child — they are busy picking up on everything that others have missed. Their self-discipline and observations can be a powerful tool and will make them a valuable team player as they get older.

9. They are great listeners.

They don’t try to be the center of the party or act out among peers just for attention. Instead, they are a solid shoulder to cry on and are supportive listeners of any problems troubling their friends or family.

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