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5 ‘Dirty’ Businesses In Nigeria That Fetch Big Profit

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Nigeria being a densely populated country with over 160million people is stocked with a lot of business opportunity with host of potential costumers. In Nigeria, every business is lucrative and have a potential of yielding reasonable profits.

Your business plan should include market research, a comprehensive look at your competitors, explain your target audience,outline marketing plans, and offer a solid budget projection.

However, the business must have to stand out thus must be unique. The number one step to running a successful business is dedication.

Below are some of the dirty business in Nigeria that fetch profit

Most times when we hear the word agriculture what comes to our mind is farming. Now ask yourself, is agriculture really farming? Do business opportunities exist in agriculture? Agriculture is open to a wide range of business opportunity.

Livestock is an aspect of agriculture with wide range of business opportunity with maximum profit. Demand for Fish and meat in Nigeria for instance is so cumbersome that the demand supersedes the supply. Thus the market can never be saturated. Livestock business is a business you can start with very little capital even in your backyard.

However most persons fail to tap into this business venture.

Event planning otherwise called Catering is a business venture open to all, both male and female, students and graduates, poor and rich. In Nigeria today weekends are flooded with varieties of events from Weddings to birthdays even burials.Individuals often find they lack the expertise and time to plan events themselves. Independent planners can step in and give these special events the attention they deserve.

Event planning entails cooking and serving of different cuisines and also decorating the event centre, thus The number one step to being a successful event planner is creativity.


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