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8 Things That Are More Painful Than Childbirth

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4. Gallstones:

How could gallstones be any farther away from pain then! Gallstones can take a long-term toll on you even if pain medications are administered and nutritional advice is sought. Those mothers who have birthed and also have had gallstones said that there could be no pain coming closer to that of gallstones.

5. Root Canal:
Somehow dental pain and labor pain coincide. If you had a root canal work without pain relief, you might as well go the extra mile to have a baby without pain-relief! However, pain-relief methods in childbirth often don’t work adequately. But you cannot ignore the fact that a root canal work will have its after-effects in that you might not be able to deal with your regular chores.

6. Bladder Infections:
Bladder infections have managed to make it to the list. Some women have described the spiking pain as being ten times worse than having a baby.



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