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How I Recovered Completely From High Blood Pressure Without Chemical Drug

High blood pressure

On the 29th of March, 2014, I was just lying down in my lobby reading a novel meant for my niece ‘purple Hibiscus’ for relaxation since I rarely had time during weekdays for such leisure. All of a sudden, letters were becoming blurred. I could not see the letters very well and I also felt a very sharp pain in my chest, accompanied by a severe headache and shortness of breath.

My headache was more like a migraine. My niece saw the level of my discomfort and enquired to know what was wrong with me and I told her to quickly consult our family doctor. She narrated to the doctor how I was feeling. When the doctor arrived, the chest pain had subsided a bit, but I was still feeling feverish and headache.

When the doctor arrived, he examined my BP using sphygmomanometer and it read 160/100. He told me that was abnormal and that I was at stage two of high blood pressure. I began to wonder what the possible cause could be because I was four months pregnant and that got me really worried. I was scared of losing my life and not being able to protect the unborn baby. The doctor prescribed some medications almost immediately and warned me to desist from certain foods and habit. He asked me not to eat food such as canned foods, fatty foods, whole milk, doughnut, red meat, table salt, less caffeine, alcohol and a whole lot. It was then I sensed how miserable my life was turning into because those were the foods I could easily lay my hands on at the lunch hours at work. I continued with my medication and tried as much as possible to do away with junks and fats. On the 16th of June 2014, I lost my dad and I couldn’t bear the loss because I love him so much, my condition worsened and by then my BP read 170/100. The doctor warned that there is a high tendency that I will suffer from postpartum psychosis if I should put to bed in this condition. I was placed under intensive medical care and was frequently monitored.

Two weeks after, I was surfing the internet for baby things, I visited jiji.com and I saw an advert on “Hypertension”, its causes and symptoms with a solution, but I did not pay much attention since I don’t fancy supplement of any kind. I told my mom about it and she insisted that I inquire more about it. I tried visiting the website that I was referred to through the advert. I contacted the number I saw on the website and that was the turning point of my life. I was given an assurance of a restored health. To my greatest surprise, on the 1st of August, 2014, I was in the hospital for an antenatal check-up and the doctor asked what I had used for my condition because by then, my blood pressure had reduced to 140/90.

On the 19th of that same month, I delivered my first child without complications. By the time I finished with the therapy, my BP was already 120/80. As I speak today, I live happily with my child and no more worries of severe don’ts. May God bless the day I read the very article online that changed my life. I hereby recommend you to visit the website if you have High Blood Pressure or if you know anyone living with the condition. This Information could fetch you a total health freedom and save your life from this instantaneous killer called hypertension.

Source: naturalhealthshop

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