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Africa’s Richest Man Aliko Dangote bans alcohol at his daughter’s upcoming wedding

It has been widely reported that the wedding of the daughter of the richest man in Africa, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, to the son of the former Inspector General of Police, Jamil Abubakar will hold in March. And information coming from the family of the bride indicates that the father will not allow the consumption of alcohol at the wedding.

In the month of March, the high caliber of visitors from around the world would all converge at the expansive hall of the Eko Hotel Convention Centre, Victoria Island Lagos to celebrate the wedding between Fatima Dangote and Jamil Abubakar aka Jamboy.

Just like the Sarakis, who are practising Muslims refused to serve alcohol of any kind at their children’s humongous wedding ceremonies a few months back, reports emanating from the household of the families involved with the upcoming wedding, has it that alcohol of all types would also be prohibited at the upcoming Dangote/Abubakar wedding too.

This is to adhere strictly to the teachings of Islam that prohibits the consumption of alcohol for all its faithful.

The wedding which is scheduled for a few weeks has already received a lot of publicity and online attention with trending hashtags like #fatjam2018 #jamfat2018 #abudan2018 #dafa2018 #jafa2018.

The adoption of the prohibition of alcohol is not in nay way going to reduce the attention from the event as it is expected to be a lifestyle/societal and classy wedding – if not the best ever to hold on the continent.

It has been reported that a lot of dignitaries will be there present at the wedding and other personalities within the society have also been scrambling to get special invites to the wedding that is poised to shake the entire country.

We are definitely going to be available to bring you all the full gist and coverage on the special day.

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