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‘Don’t call me a slay queen’ -Toyin Lawani tells followers

Nigerian celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani, in a plea post to her fans, begged them not to call her a slay queen.

Toyin Lawani who shared a screenshot of the definition of  a ‘Slay Queen’, wrote;

So sorry for all them slay Queens,
I so hate the word,slaying is not Values,Hardwork is what pays off,King of All Queens or Serial Entrepreneur or Business mogul or fashion mogul is fine by me,My Parents didn’t spend millions sending me to All the various schools to Attain my various degrees ,to Be Called a slay Queen,A mother is even fine by me,The word is just simply irritating to me.

'Don't call me a slay queen' -Toyin Lawani tells followers lailasnews 1

Few weeks ago, Toyin Lawani made headlines after she claimed that her former friend Idris Okuneye a.k.a Bobriskyof trying to kill her through the use of juju that led her to the hospital.

In an interview with Olisa TV, Lawani disclosed that she was warned by a close friend to stay away from Bobrisky as well as to immediately protect herself and her children spiritually as the cross-dresser had perfected plans to kill her.

She also revealed that shortly after the warning, Bobrisky came to her shop to give her a polythene bag that contained a white cloth and guinea fowl.

Lawani noted that when the bag was given to her and she opened it, a few days later, she was admitted to the hospital.

Few days after I issued him a warning, Idris came to Tiannah’s Empire with a black polythene bag and the security guards prevented his entry,” she began.

Continuing, Lawani sid:

“I went downstairs to ask what he wanted and he said he had come to apologise for his misdeeds. He handed me the polythene bag and when I opened it, I saw white clothes and a guinea fowl inside.

I threw the bag on the floor and asked one of my employees, Dayo, to burn it while also warning Idris to never again visit me with such gifts.

I collapsed the next day and started bleeding heavily following which I was rushed to Ave Maria Hospital. I was informed the incident was linked to pre-existing concerns with fibroid but I believe it was caused by the diabolical items Idris brought as a supposed gift.

I had a surgery and remained in the hospital for two months before I was discharged. As soon as I returned to work, Idris showed up at the Empire, saying he heard I was ill but that he came for cash as the bank did not pay him because they could not reach me to confirm the cheque while I was hospitalized.

I took the cheque from him and gave him cash then bid him goodbye.”

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