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Abuja Parents Gives Out Their Daughter To Marry Man Who Raped Her

The parents of a 14-year-old girl who was allegedly brutally raped and Impregnated was married off to the man who raped by her Parents in Abuja.

According to Fateemah who narrated the incident, the family were initially devastated and was ready for the police to be involved but minutes later they changed their mind and gave her out for marriage and claimed its a family issue.

Read her tweets below:

I am angry right now.

Yesterday, I heard a disturbing news that a fifty-something years old Imam raped a 14-year-old, accepted that he raped her and bragged that nothing will happen to him.

When I spoke with the mother around 5.0 clock yesterday, she was crying and asking for justice, that she needs help. I called people and we tried to fix an early appointment for her.

What was I told when I called back? He is now her husband.

I was told that it’s now a family issue and the parents have given their consent for the Imam to marry their daughter! a 14 years old girl and that’s because she is pregnant.

I tried to explain that she is a minor and that it is illegal for her to get married.

I tried to explain that rape has psychological effects but it all fell on deaf ears. Her parents do not want everyone talking about her.

So tell me, how do we fight this menace? @advocacy4humanv

Same thing that happened once in Akoko-Edo LGA of Edo State when I was there for a conference. The family wants justice this minute and there next minute they’re smiling with the perpetrator’s parents because they’ve settled them with a certain amount of money.

Hence you find yourself making fruitless effort to make them appear in court for their testimonies. It’s really sad.

I’ve informed the commissioner of police. Fixed appointment with the state ministry of women affairs. We are getting there. I will let you know how it goes.

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