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Ciara calls out Future for skipping visits with their son

A new report claims that Ciara is putting Future on blast in court documents.

Ciara and Future were once “relationship goals” but as time went on, their relationship soured.

The two were once engaged to each other and had a child together, however, allegations of infidelity would eventually result in co-parenting Baby Future.

However, it looks like it hasn’t been working out that well. Ciara has reportedly called out Future to the judge for not showing up to visits with their son.

Ciara has reportedly taken her issues with Future’s parenting to the courts, TMZ reports.

She claims that the DS2 rapper has been skipping out on many of his scheduled visits with three-year-old Baby Future. She says that he shows up last minute if he shows up at all.

She reportedly claims in court docs that he doesn’t show up 37% of the time and that his inconsistent visits mess up her own schedule.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only claim she made against Future.

She also claims that when she flies Baby Future to Georgia to visit his father, he ends up spending the majority of his time with his grandma or great-grandma instead of Future himself.

However, the worst part is that she claims their son’s health issues flare up because of all of the traveling.

And because he’s exhausted from the traveling, she claims he’s suffered emotional breakdowns at school.

Ciara’s now looking to go to mediation with Future and create a better schedule for their son.



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