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My husband got our elderly neighbor pregnant – Woman cries out

A woman who caught her neighbor with her husband in highly compromising position has cried out for help as it is evident that the older neighbor is pregnant for her husband.

The woman who took to the social media to narrate her ordeal explained that she traveled to meet her parents for Easter, but decided to come back home earlier than scheduled. Only to meet her husband at the neighbor’s place

Read her heartbreaking story below

Thanks for the good work here Editor, now straight to the point.

When we moved recently to our place, this woman(our neighbor) should be in her late 40s and unmarried and she is our only neighbour. She was so good to me. I would even leave my kids with her whenever I need to rush off to the market or somewhere.

I lost my job around May last year and my husband has promised to give me money to set up a business but for now, I’m mostly home. This neighbour has a shop not too far from our house, I would sometimes go there when I’m bored and the kids have gone to school. I thought she was a good person and didn’t know she has been sleeping with my husband and now she’s pregnant.

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