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7 Undeniable Signs He Is The Cheating Type

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4. He hides you.

Meeting his friends doesn’t really count, this is because his friends can know all his girlfriends and won’t say anything. He will never post you on social media and he will never hang out with you in public simply because he could get caught by one of the others at any time.

5. You have never met his friends or family.

Maybe some friends but not most of them and the most important people in his life which are his family, you have never met. This kind of man is not serious with you and doesn’t show any signs of commitment.

6. He hides his phone like the CIA.

He has a fingerprint, a passcode, and even a voice code. In as much as people say that privacy is important cheaters also know that all their works and wonders can be accessed on a phone. If he cannot leave you with his phone for a bit without all the passwords then you need to ask yourself why.

7. He has very many female friends.

He says they are just friends but be sure that he has probably slept with one or two of them by now. He is charming and flirtatious with them and when you ask him he acts like you are overreacting.


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