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Billionaire Indimi daughters on war path as Hauwa weds sister’s ex-boyfriend

Two daughters of billionaire oil magnate, Mohammed Indimi, are on warpath as Hauwa is about to be handed in marriage to Mohammed, a son of the late NNPC MD, Abubakar Yar’Adua, who was once reported to have dated another Indimi sister, Fatima.

According to ThisDay, it is also a known fact that Mohammed went on to date President Buhari’s daughter, Zahra, now Ahmed Indimi’s wife, after he broke up with Fatima.

Ostensibly, this has created some bad blood among the sisters, as they have been polarised in support for and opposition to the planned wedding which is to take place next week.

According to the report, indications of an imminent hostility among these siblings emerged in March this year when Hauwa got engaged with Mohammed.

Her engagement did not appear to have gone down well with few of her sisters and the messy affair was taken to Instagram where they threw shades at one another.

Rahmayi, who is former wife to Mohammed Babangida, was the first to fire a shot when she registered her displeasure at the impending marriage with foul language on Instagram.

In her words,

“…This is f—k, he’s an ex for a reason and now you will go and bring the f—k back to my life. Nahhhh. I won’t support it. There’s a code for this. Friends and family ex’s should be off the table.”

Rahmayi’s sentiment was echoed by her sister, Zahra Yakaka, who wrote,

“If my sister is marrying my ex, she was never my sister in the first place.”

Miffed at their public outburst, a handle named ‘hauwaindimis_lovers’ responded and berated Rahmayi, advising her to respect her age, show love and be happy for Hauwa.

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