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Man Who Owns Luxury Cars Shocked At His Date’s Reaction After Appearing In A Truck (Photos)

A young man has revealed the shocking reaction of his date after he appeared in a truck, despite having several luxury cars at home.

A Facebook user identified as Karabo John Moa, who resides in the Rustenburg area of South Africa, has taken to the social networking platform to reveal how shocked he was after going on a date with a lady.
According to John, he left his fleet of luxury cars including his Mercedes Benz and drove on a truck to pick up a lady on lady, and was turned down by her over his choice of car.
He shared a photo of his garage and the truck he went on a date with and narrated his story writing:
“Just Got Back From the Shortest Date I’ve Ever Been On. These Materialistic Ladies. They see you in a Merc.
“1st Date,I Go Pick Her up in one of My Bakkies instead of my Merc. I’ve Done it 3 Times now and all 3 times,Soon as I pull up at the gate, They Turn Around and Walk Away. 
“She Says to me “You Don’t Take me Seriously ne” The Security Guard at her Complex Gate and I had a Good Laugh.
All Three Occasions I probably would’ve paid the Bill,So I actually Saved money. I Ain’t Saying She a Gold Digger but she ain’t messing with no Broke Niggas. #StayWoke #TheyWillDribbleYou.”
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