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Photo: Duncan Mighty Accused Of Brutalizing Wife

Oh dear! Duncan Mighty has been accused of brutalizing his wife and sources claim it’s not even his first time. According to a report going around blogs, a certain source sent in a photo of the battered wife with this words;

“The woman in the picture is Vivien Nwakanma Mighty, she’s Duncan Mighty’s wife. He beat her up yesterday as if she wasn’t a human being like himself and threatened to kill her. I am sending you this to show the world, let them know who he really is, what he really is behind the social media. Fake life…”

Her friends have also claimed it’s not the first time the singer would alledgedly assault his wife.

The attack happened on Saturday, shortly after he finished shooting the video of his new song with Davido. They also claimed the singer feels no remorse about the assault and called to ask his wife why she shared a photo of her swollen face with her friends. A lady also stormed his page to call him out. Hopefully he will address the allegation soon.

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