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Saraki Breaks Silence on Senator Akpabio’s Defection To APC

Following Senator Akapbio’s defection from the Peoples Democratic Party to the All Progressives Congress, the Senate President has reacted.

The President of the Senate Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki may be nursing a Presidential ambition for 2019. This is even as called the defection of Senator Godwill Akpabio to the All Progressives Congress as a non-important issue.
This was disclosed during the question and answer session at the World Press Conference addressed by Saraki over the siege on the National Assembly by operatives of the DSS.
Saraki who was asked by a representative of a foreign media if he would be vying for the highest office in the land, did not deny having such ambition.
He however said that today was a day to talk about democracy, adding that he would answer the question on another day.
“We are here today about the democracy of this country, and that is what is important to me and to all of us that are here.
“I think when the time is right I will talk on your issue but today, we are talking about democracy in Nigeria, to defend the rule of law,” he said.
On whether or not he would relinquish the position of Senate Presidency which he was ‘given’ under the All Progressives Congress (APC), Saraki stressed that he was not given the position but was elected by members.
He said that the Constitution allows any member of the Senate to stand for election as the President of the Senate irrespective of the party the person belongs to.
“I was not given the position as Senate president, I was elected by members.
“According to our constitution, it says a member of the National Assembly who so wishes….. it doesn’t say you have to belong to any political party,” he said.
On the defection of Senator Godswill Akpabio to PDP, Saraki said that it is not worthy of comment at the time.
He said that the press conference was called to discuss important National issues of which Akpabio’s defection was not party of.
“This happens from time to time, so I do not think it is a national issue for me to comment on,” he said.
NAN reports that at the end of the briefing, the President of the Senate got a rousing ovation and chants of ‘Oloye! Oloye! Oloye!
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