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Linda Ikeji Buys N120m Bentley Mulsanne For Her Son, Jayce Jeremi (Video)

Linda Ikeji, the Latest mother, buys her son Jayce Jeremi N120m Bentley Mulsanne in Atlanta, photo and video prove included

Linda Ikeji’s joy knows no bounds from her pregnancy to the arrival of her prince charming, Jayce Jeremi. The little boy was born on Monday, September 17, in Atlanta.

Before little Jeremi arrived, the award-winning blogger has promised to spoil her son as she is ready to flaunt all she would be getting for him on social media. Linda is obviously following the footsteps of American singer DJ Khaled, who splashed millions of dollars on his baby boy.

The blogger before giving birth to Baby J has started buying expensive gifts as she awaits his arrival. On Thursday, September 20, her sisters Laura and Sandra took to their Instagram handles to share pictures of the brand new Bentley Linda just acquired for her baby.

According to Laura’s video, the receipt of the car was shown and it carries Linda Ikeji’s name on it. She shared her posts with the caption: “Sold to Linda Ikeji this one heavy sha. Bentley Mulsanne. Dear Jayce, ya mom went crazy the day u came into this world, oh boy! ya own don better. Dem born u buy Bentley. Omo mama olowo. Can’t remember what my parents bought when they had me hehe. Check out Linlin’ s Bentley.

Sandra shared pictures of the multi million naira ride with the caption: “Hey lil Jayce, your mum @officiallindaikeji promised you a Bentley , now you have it! Congratulations @officiallindaikeji on your 120mili Bentley. Bentley mulsanne! Push gift from Linda to Linda, Baby J, you are blessed.

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