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Wizkid Slammed By His 1st Baby Mama As A ‘Social Media Daddy’ In Wild Rant — & She Has Receipts

New feud alert! The mother of Wizkid’s first child went OFF on him in a wild Instagram rant for not being present in their son’s life, and she posted a series of text messages to prove her point.

Wizkid just got CALLED OUT by Ogudugu Oluwanishola, the mother of his son, on social media. Ogudugu held nothing back in a lengthy Instagram message, in which she slammed Wizkid for making himself look like a good dad on Instagram, but not actually putting in the effort behind the scenes.

“You never wanted to do anything willingly until they literally chase and force you to,” she wrote. “Every now and then I watched you take all the credit for nothing whilst I get all the bashing. I still did not mind, God was taking me somewhere. For every time I obliged you to please man up and perform your fatherly duties, you showered me with insults, called me all sorts of names, or block my number from calling or messaging you. Even said I was the biggest mistake you made in life.”

She also shared several screenshots of various messages between herself in Wizkid as proof of his derogatory comments toward her. In one text, he wrote, “U need to start acting like a mother and decent woman and stop throwing yourself over here. Even if u don’t want to have sense, think of ur child. Enjoy ur day. Read back ur messages and think. So desperate for what u will never have. Get a vibrator or something. And act like someone’s mom. At least that’s what someone calls u.” Of course, that was just one of MANy messages she shared. In other text chains, she sent various texts in a row about the child, without so much as a response from Wizkid.

“You only cared for yourself and how the public perceived you,” Ogudugu added. “As long as the public saw you as good, then why do you have to stress, why do you have to perform your fatherly duties. You tattoed his name so the world can see you as a loving daddy. I always wondered why you were always so quick to send clothes and shoes. Little did I know that as all for appearances. Even the Star Boy chain and other jewelry you claimed you got for him. Did you or did you not collect it back!? Social media daddy. Always so quick to do that which portrayed you as good to the public rather than show real love, care, and support to your own flesh and blood.”




There’s so much complexity to this story, and plenty more in Ogudugu’s rant that you can read above, along with some of the text messages. Head over to her Instagram page to see the rest.

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