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Guys, Here Are 4 Times You Shouldn’t Call Women ‘Cute’

As we all know women like compliments, and there is a special time and place for describing a woman as “cute.” But you have to keep in mind that fluffy bunnies and little children are called “cute” frequently as well and that’s not always the category your wife wants to fit in.

Here are four situations when saying, “You’re cute” to a woman is inappropriate:

1. When she shares her accomplishments

A woman shares her accomplishments when she is proud of them. To her, calling her efforts “cute” feels like the same as saying, “Well good try” or “I don’t care enough about you to pay attention.” Be proud of what she has done, and make your pride in her clear. Appreciate the time she put into the project she is showing you.

2. When she is at a work function

It doesn’t matter if you’re attending her work function or if she is attending yours, “cute” is not an appropriate term of endearment in a business setting. “Cute” in this sense can make a woman look or feel like she is insignificant, arm candy or unimportant. Instead, praise her skills and accomplishments and use words like “beautiful” or “amazing.”

3. When she’s dressed up

When a woman makes an effort to look beautiful and the only response you offer her is, “You look cute,” it stings. She likes to look good for herself, but she definitely appreciates (and wants) you to acknowledging how stunning she is. She will more than likely be upset if “cute” is the only word you can muster. If a woman makes an effort to look good, take the time to compliment her accordingly.

4. When she is angry

Despite any facial expressions or hand gestures, you should never call a woman “cute” when she is angry or frustrated, especially if her frustration stems from something you’ve done. To her, calling her “cute” in this situation indicates you don’t value her feelings or thoughts, and laughing at her facial expressions or expressing her adorableness will only infuriate her more. Instead, make her feel valued and listen carefully to what she has to say.

“Cute” isn’t a forbidden word, and some women even strive for a “cute look” or enjoy the compliment. Yet, most women in general do not want to be called “cute” in any of the above situations.

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