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Ladies, Here Are 5 Qualities That Don’t Make Him Mr. Right

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4. He’s nice

Nice guys don’t always finish last. But settling for a nice guy without the prerequisite sparks can spell disaster later on in life. Don’t go for a guy just because he’s sweet to you. You can find someone who presses the right buttons and treats you well if you look hard and long enough.

5. He’s experienced

Having several relationships under his belt doesn’t necessarily mean your man has had all the practice he needs to make things work with you. I know several couples who’ve only had long-term relationships, including ones upwards of seven years. Staying together means they know how not to break up, but that doesn’t mean they know how to be in a healthy relationship. There have been multiple infidelities, mistrust and secrets in both couples’ current and previous relationships. But they stayed together for years.

These people have different values and temperaments than their partners. But they’d rather be part of a couple than face the world on their own. Make sure your guy doesn’t need to be part of a couple, but rather truly knows what it means to be in a partnership.

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