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Muslim Woman Tied To Tree And Flogged Mercilessly For Trying To Run Away With Lover From Another Religion (Photos)

An 18-year-old girl has been publicly humiliated after she tried to run away with her lover who is from another religion.

A Muslim teenager who was found tied to a tree, having been beaten up by members of her own family in north-eastern India, had been punished for running away with her Hindu boyfriend.
The unnamed 18-year-old had reportedly gone against her family’s wishes by pursuing a relationship with a young man of a different religion.
After tracking down the young couple, the girl was tied up and beaten for up to five hours, local media reports.
The incident, which was recorded on a mobile phone by a witness, took place in a small village in Nawada district, in north-eastern India’s Bihar State.
Local media report the 18-year-old had fled the village with her Hindu partner, named as Rupesh Kumar, despite her family forbidding the relationship.
The couple had reportedly left to get married, but the girl’s family soon found out and managed to track her down after contacting her boyfriend, according to reports.
The village council reportedly ordered the girl be punished for bringing ‘dishonour’ on their community.
Shocking video footage shows the girl lying on the ground while tied to a tree, with a crowd gathered around her.
A man is seen lifting her head by her hair while another holds a whipping reed in his hand.
Another clip sees her tied so tight to the tree that she is unable to move.
Local news reports that the teenager had remained defiant and wanted to stay with her boyfriend.
Police were reportedly called to the scene, but did not make any arrests.
-Culled from Dailymail.
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