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Rick Ross Settles His $4 Million Tax Bill With The IRS

Rick Ross might be able to keep rival rappers at bay with hardcore bars but Uncle Sam fears no man regardless of reputation. He found that out the hard way as Ross finally caved into the IRS and coughed up $4.6 million in back taxes.

According to The Blast the Department of Treasury recently filed a Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien on the head honcho of Maybach Music which confirms that he settled a 2012 tax bill of $4,617,370.86. Ross was originally hit with the tax lien back in 2016 and was at risk of the IRS seizing his assets for lack of payment.

Why it took this long for Rozay to finally agree to pay up is anyone’s guess but if we’ve learned nothing else from past tax dodging celebrities, Uncle Sam is undefeated in the ring.

Now all we can do is patiently wait for the IRS to come knocking on the door of our current Divider-In-Chief for that $400 million tax bill he ducked in the 90’s and hope the outcome is as gloriously gruesome for him as we expect it to be.’

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