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Timi Dakolo Reveals How His Wife Blocked Him On WhatsApp Over An Argument

Singer, Timi Dakolo has revealed that there was a time he had a heated argument with his wife, Busola Dakolo and he revealed she blocked him immediately on Whatsapp.

The singer while speaking with Saturday Beats, said;

“We were having an argument on WhatsApp one day and she blocked me. Immediately, I drove home. When she returned, she said she did not want to drive while she was angry and that she also wanted me to bring my anger home so that we would talk about it. “Human beings fight but whenever we do, it is not ‘sweet’ simply because my wife does not speak Pidgin English. I am from Bayelsa and when people fight (there), they talk in Pidgin English. But when we have misunderstanding and she speaks fluent English, it is always funny to me and so I laugh.”

The singer also disclosed that one of the sweetest things she ever did for him, was to plan a family vacation to one of his favourite spots.

“One of the sweetest things she has done is when she planned a vacation for the whole family, even though I contributed half of the money. My favourite vacation spot is Cape Town, South Africa because I like the scenery,” the singer said.

On his wife’s contribution to his life, Timi Dakolo described her as the calmness in his life.

“My wife fixes me and that is the truth. I would love to do everything just like any other creative person but my wife is the one that advises me to make sure I do things one step at a time.

“She is my calmness. My favourite place is in my house; it is not just my sitting room but my corner of the bed. I can scatter my books everywhere and still know where everything is, but my wife is not that kind of person. She is the type of person that is organised; she likes when everything is well arranged.

“The secret of my marriage is communication and it is our lifeline. Make your partner your person. Sometimes, it is not love that keeps a relationship but friendship. I can call my wife and tell her that I saw a fine girl and her face could look somehow but we would laugh about it.

“Sometimes when I am heading out, she could joke that I am going to see my girlfriend and we will just laugh about it. On some occasions, I could call her that I would get home late because I would be playing video game with my friends and she would understand.” Timi Dakolo said.

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