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4 Crucial Things You Should Know About Your Future Partner [MUST READ]

Some people said getting a life partner is like going to the market to buy a bag full of unknown content and full of surprises when you open it.

Notwithstanding, there are some necessary informations you need to know about your partner to help reduce the likely risk of the “unknown content.

Below are some important things you should know about your partner;

1. The person’s basic information

Do not allow yourself to be tricked all in the name of “Love is blind”. There is a need for you to know basic information about your future partner such as; name, origin, family members and for the Igbos, you may want to be sure that the person is not an out-cast (osu).

A lot of people have made terrible mistakes in the past which could have been avoided if they have observed due diligence in the area of knowing their intending partner’s information.

2. Financial/debt status

Trying to know about the financial status of your intending partner doesn’t in any way make you a gold-digger or materialistic.

This is just a way of ensuring that you are not hooking yourself with someone that is financially embarrassed with a lot of debts hanging on his neck.

If a debt is not handled at the early stage, it can land you into unending poverty and slavery.

3. Health status

I will be more direct with this part. My friend there is a need for you to know the following when it comes to the health status of your partner.

HIV status – please don’t joke with this one

Genotype – a lot of people today are suffering from sickle cell today because their parents ignored this vital part.

Pregnancy status – yes, some men today married a woman carrying another man’s child because they felt the test wasn’t necessary.

Potency test – to avoid unnecessary troubles in your marriage in the future, you need to be sure that your partner is potent as this will help take care of doubts especially when the fruit of the womb doesn’t come immediately.

STDs status.

4. The kind of work he/she does

I know someone that got married to a man that she barely knows what he does, all she know was that he is into oil & gas business. He comes home after a long stay abroad bearing expensive gifts and lots of money.

Due diligence should be observed when dealing with this so as to save yourself from partaking from illegality and being tagged an accomplice.

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