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Alleged Bribery: EFCC Finally Gives Update On Gov. Ganduje’s Video

The acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu has finally admitted that the commission is currently investigating videos showing Kano State governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, allegedly receiving bribe.

DAILY NIGERIAN had on October 14 and 15 published videos showing Mr Ganduje receiving bribe from a contractor.

Mr Magu shed light on the bribe video saga in short video and audio clips sent to DAILY NIGERIAN on Wednesday.

Responding to questions after delivering a lecture titled “Taming Corruption: The Way Forward For African Economic Development” at Queen Mary University of London on November 23, Mr Magu said one of the issues that brought him to London was forensic analysis of the Ganduje bribe video.

A Nigerian lawyer studying in the UK, Audu Bulama Bukarti, raised a question on the videos, arguing why the EFCC investigated former governor of Ekiti State while in office and refused to investigate Mr Ganduje.

“Mr chairman was reported by Premium Times yesterday saying you cannot investigate him (Ganduje) for two reasons. One, because he is a sitting governor, and two, it’s subjudice.

“Mr Chairman you investigated Fayose while he was a sitting governor. Secondly, there is a decision of the Supreme Court: Fawehinmi against Inspector General of Police reported in 2002 in Volume 7 of the Nigerian Weekly Law Report, in which the Supreme Court said a sitting governor can be investigated.

“The only thing you cannot do is; you cannot arrest him, and you cannot take him to court…”

But Mr Magu interjected, telling the audience that the commission does not investigate on the pages of newspapers.

“[The Ganduje video] is one of the reasons I am here. I am working on it here [in London]. We are doing forensic analysis of the videos. I don’t have to investigate on the pages of newspaper,” Mr Magu replied to the question.

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