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“APC And PDP Have Nothing To Offer Nigerians” – Donald Duke

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) presidential aspirant, Donald Duke has warned Nigerians not to replace failure with past failure in the forthcoming election.

The former Governor of Cross River State informed Nigerians that both the ruling All Progressives Congress(APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) have nothing to offer Nigerians other than expanding and creating more problems.

Duke, who was a PDP member and flew on the party’s platform to become governor twice, said this in a tweet on Sunday. According to him, Nigerians must flush out these parties and their elements, to make room for a new team of ‘fixers and builders’.

In his words;

“We must not replace current failure with past failure.

“The APC and PDP have nothing to offer Nigeria other than the creation and expansion of problems.

“We must get rid of the both of them to make room for a new team of fixers and builders.”

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