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Here Are 6 Subtle Signs You Married Your Best Friend

How can you tell – I mean really tell – if you married your best friend?

Here are the most important things that distinguish a friend from a best friend. If you and your husband have them all, then congratulations, you get to spend the rest of your life married to your best friend.

1. You make each other happy

There may be an occasional fight or two, but overall, you bring out the best in each other. Being with him makes you happy. While it’s a bit tricky to judge, a general feeling of peace, comfort, positivity and the perspective that you will be alright -no matter what-usually accompanies true joy. Your best friend should definitely bring that out in you.

2. He is the first one you want to share any news with, good or bad

When something good happens or tragedy strikes, you take out your phone and call the first person that comes to mind. If the person you most want to call with that news is your husband, then it’s pretty clear he’s your number one. And if you are the one he wants to share all of his news with, then you two are well on your way to being best friends.

3. You have seen them at their best and worst and you still choose to love

You know everything about each other. You’ve heard all of his stories. You know what he’s like when he gets upset and you love to comfort him and talk him back down. You love his crazy side. No matter what the circumstance, you two can handle it because you are in it together.

4. You want to do everything together, even if everything is nothing

You love a girl’s night out, but you would love it so much more if he was there with you. It just doesn’t matter what you are doing; things are just better when he is there. Even lounging on the couch, eating pizza and staring into space is fun when you are with your bestie.

5. Your relationship is a healthy balance of work and play

BFF’s do everything together so along with your daily responsibilities, you have to be good at fitting in some fun. If you and your spouse have perfected this balance of fun and mundane, you guys are pretty much on best friend status.

6. You don’t need words

Words are overrated with the two of you. A look or a touch says much more than words ever could, so that is the way you communicate. You can look at each other from across the room and instantly know what the other is thinking. You have private looks, private jokes and maybe even your own language, but however you choose to do it, communication it is not a problem. That is not to say you don’t argue, because best friends never agree on everything, but an argument is just an argument and you both know that in no way affects the love you have for each other.

Love and friendship are both magical things, but it is rare to find both in one person. If your spouse is also your best friend, then you are one lucky person. Make sure they know how much you love them and never take each other for granted because you have found what some people spend a lifetime searching for.

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