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Here Are Countries You Can Visit With Your US, UK Or Canadian Visas

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Did you know that your US visa can take you into many other countries? If you have a US visa, why not use it to full capacity?

Below are lists of countries you can visit with a US, UK or Canadian visa.


My dear friends, you can enjoy delicious margaritas, tacos (ooh yum), pristine resorts, bring telenovelas to life and Mexican festival fantasies for up to 180 days as long as you have a valid multiple entry visa into the US.

Visas Allowed: US visa.


This country is a paradise for anyone who loves nature and adrenaline. From tropical rainforests to white-water rafting to high wire activities and some of the most refreshing resorts tucked in nature, Costa Rica is a country worth going to.

Visas Allowed: US and Canadian visas.


Thinking of thermal springs in Pamukkale or ancient Mediterranean cultures, you just might want to try Turkey. With good flight routes, you can get your visa on arrival if you have certain visas on your passport.

Visas Allowed: US, UK, Schengen and Irish visas.


I bet you don’t think of Belize when you long for eye-popping carnivals and bright blue waters. Now you should because with certain visas on your passport, you can tick off bucket list items in Belize.

Visas Allowed: US and Schengen visas.


What’s in Albania, you may ask? How about some of the most beautiful natural landscapes and architecture from throwback times. And the food…we can’t get enough of the stories.

Visas Allowed: US, UK and Schengen visas.


I bet you’ve heard of Punta Cana. If this isn’t on everyone’s spring break list, I wonder what is. The rest of the Dominican Republic also live up to its reputation for Sun, Sea, Sand, and Celebration!

Visas Allowed: US, Canadian and Schengen visas.

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