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How Lack Of Regular S*x Can Make You Lose Your Job – Therapist Reveals

A s*x therapist has revealed that the lack of regular s*x can have adverse effects on a person, including making you to lose your job.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, a s*x therapist and consultant psychiatrist, Tomi Imarah, says not having s*x regularly, being part of a balanced diet, can make one to lose job.
Imarah, who runs an online Mental Health Counselling Service, called “Dr Tomi’s Haven’’, made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Thursday in Lagos.
According to her, s*x is part of a balanced diet, reflecting how essential it is to overall health and wellbeing.
“With regards to the impact of s*x on job performance, I will prefer an emphasis on s*x in marriage; frequent unmet expectations stir frustrations and resentment, leaving you distracted at a subconscious level.
“Sex boosts endorphins and other productivity hormones; you go to work energised, work brilliantly and get promoted.
“The reverse is s*xual frustration, and pent-up emotions is highly distracting and you are prone to errors.
“From my interactions with male clients when they have a vibrant s*x life, they feel energised to achieve so much in other areas of their lives.
“What they do not know is that s*x releases endorphins, which are ‘feel good’ hormones.
“These hormones fill you with energy, just like when you go for a run or other rigorous exercises. It pumps blood to your brain and helps you operate more optimally.
“Not to talk of the fact that couples with frustrations in the bedroom have it spilling into other areas of their relationships, causing conflicts, leading to further repercussions outside the home including workplace,“ she said.
Imarah said that during sexual activities, certain hormones including oxytocin, endorphins, dopamine, testosterone, estrogen were released.
“These s*x hormones leave behind some effects, such as improved mood, stress alleviation, immune boosting, relaxed feeling, positive energy, improved attention and concentration, and improved memory capacity.
“All these effects culminate in improved emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing; that is why people walk around with a spring in their steps.
“Apart from these biochemical effects of s*x, stoking the intimacy flames with someone you love helps your relationship thrive better, “ the therapist said.
Imarah said that many Nigerians’ attitude toward and perception about s*x was very poor and attributed this to ignorance and poor education at all levels.
She said that only men were allowed to talk and engage in s*xual activities, while s*x for women was shrouded in secrecy.
“So, you now have a whole generation of women: wonderful mothers, devoted wives, great cooks, hardworking in every area of life, but struggling in the bedroom.
“To start changing this situation, sex education needs to be taken more seriously at all levels; right from home, parents need to have “The S*x Talk” with their adolescents, both boys and girls.
“Formal s*x education needs to be included in school curriculum and delivered by specially trained sex educators.
“That we do not talk about s*x does not mean our boys and girls are not experimenting, especially with the current information explosion on the internet.
“The least we can do is ensure we provide early foundation knowledge and put things in the right perspective.
“Also, there should not be stigmatisation of women who are s*x enthusiasts; women should be free to express themselves as well as men.
“We should let go of the cultural nuances that feed the impression that women’s interest in s*x reflects promiscuity, “ the s*x therapist said.
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