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Police Reveals Why Deji Adeyanju, 2 Others Were Arrested

Yesterday, the Nigerian Police said they had detained political activist, Deji Adeyanju, and two others who were part of a demonstration yesterday.

Police spokesperson, Jimoh Moshood, said in a statement that Mr. Adeyanju, Daniel Abobama and Boma Williams were arrested in Abuja on allegations of criminal defamation and breach of public peace.

Police said even though they have rights as citizens, “these rights must be observed with decorum, in good faith and without violating the rights of other millions of Nigerians to free movement and access to safety and security across the country.”

The Police accused Adeyanju, Abobama and Williams of contravening criminal statutes by their conduct both physically and online.

Moshood said: “Deji Adeyanju, Daniel Abobama and Boma Williams were arrested by the Police within the powers provided under the constitution, Police Act and Regulations, the Penal Code Law and Procedures to prevent crime and ensure safety of Nigerians.

“They are already arraigned in court in Abuja for prosecution.”

Moshood attached some placards and screenshots of Adeyanju’s Facebook page which the Police found to be criminally defamatory and “capable of inciting public disturbance, threat to public security and safety, criminal defamatory and derogatory conduct against constituted authority and breach of law and order.”

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