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Sad! Beautiful Woman Who Wanted Big Bum Dies After Being Injected With Airplane Lubricant (Photos)

A woman who wanted to have a big bum has died after she was reportedly injected with airplane oil.

A 23-year-old Venezuelan girl identified as Fanny Kaina Solís Peraza died in the city of Trujillo, Peru has died after having an operation to increase her bum.
Fanny Kaina Solis Peraza who fled crisis hit Venezuela for the chance of a better life in Peru had gone to a place located in the shopping center ‘El Virrey’, where they applied liquid silicone, better known as airplane oil or biopolymers, according to Ojo Perú .
After the surgery, Fanny Kaina Solís returned to her home where she rested, but a few hours later she felt a strong discomfort, and was rushed to the Regional Hospital of Trujillo.
The woman died at 2:00 p.m. in said hospital.
Nixon Angulo Chávez, 39, was intervened in his Miraflores home by the Trujillo police and is being held in the Alcides Vigo police complex. The investigations are still under way.
She went to the El Virrey cosmetic salon where a transgender male surgeon offered her a cut-rate deal.
According to Ms Abreu Gonzales the substance turned out to be industrial grade liquid silicone that was only meant for use on aeroplanes.
Hours later the dancer started to feel unwell and collapsed after suffering a massive allergic reaction.
By the time her family had got her to a local hospital she was unconscious.
Doctors rushed Ms Solis Peraza into intensive care but they were unable to save her.
When cops visited the salon they found the place closed and nobody there.
Ms Abreu Gonzales then rang the beautician, a transgender man who called himself ‘Nico’, and told him her cousin was seriously ill in hospital and needed help paying medical bills.
Not knowing his client was already dead, he went to the hospital where he was promptly arrested by waiting police officers.
Police say the transgender man, named as Nixon Moises Angulo Chavez, 39, admitted injecting the substance into Solis.
He faces a manslaughter charge.
The investigation continues.
Industrial silicone, as opposed to the medical silicon used in breast implants, can cause a wide range of health problems including strokes and death.
It is more typically used to lubricate parts in aircraft engines because it is capable of performing at high temperatures
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