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UNIBEN Graduating Student Reveals He Wrote O’level Exams 17 Times

Emmanuel Oluwasayomi Ahmadu, popularly  known as “Mr Voiceover” is a graduating student from the department of Mass Communication, University of Benin.

The Kogi-born ‘Mr Voiceover’ is proficient and endowed with many talents. Among others, He is a Voice-Over Artiste, a budding Nollywood Actor, Writer and an Entrepreneur.

He revealed that His Journey to stardom didn’t come on a platter of gold, neither was it attained on the bed of roses as he had suffered countless setbacks and endured several heartaches which oftentimes triggers suicidal thoughts, but he never succumbed to.

Mr Voiceover made this known recently, during the award ceremony organised by West Africa Citizens Award in Lagos where he bagged the international award for Student Brand Of The Year West Africa.

In his words, “for me to have been among the graduating students and to have also represented the University of Benin and represented Nigeria on international scene means that anyone can succeed irrespective of whatever militating challenges or setbacks” he said.

Mr Voiceover who is an orphan further revealed that the hard times he faced as a result of family issues while growing up forced him into attending sixteen (16) primary schools and fourteen (14) secondary schools and thereafter made him struggle to pass his o’level examination that would usher him into the University.

Speaking further, he disclosed that he found it difficult to get into the higher institution on time because he did not pass his exams in many sittings, he said;

“I wrote o’level exams seventeen (17) times until I finally passed it in 2014, although it was not easy to have gone to several schools, wearing secondary school uniforms after many years of graduation and seeing your former junior colleagues who have gone to the University, now your teacher in secondary school. It was so shameful and embarrassing to bear.”

He added that more of his story would be available in his soon-to-be-published book on Amazon.

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