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Young Nigerian Man Caught With Drugs In Major Narcotics Seizure In India (Photo)

A young Nigerian man, has landed himself in serious trouble in far away India, after he was apprehended by security operatives while attempting to deliver drugs.

A 32-year-old Nigerian national, has bee arrested with illicit drugs worth Rs 11 lakh at Calangute, Goa, India, in the early hours of Sunday, 18th November.
Calangute PI, Jivba Dalvi said they received a tip-off that a Nigerian identified as Frank Nathaniel would be coming to deliver drugs at Porbawaddo, Calangute, following which they kept a watch at the spot.
The Nigerian was rounded up when he arrived at the spot. A personal search was conducted and he was found with a cocktail of illicit drugs, all worth Rs 11 lakh.
PI Dalvi said he was allegedly found in possession of MDMA worth Rs 72,000, morphine worth Rs 40,000, amphetamines worth Rs 72,000, charas worth Rs 6,39,000, LSD worth Rs 2,30,000, and ganja worth Rs 46,000, all worth Rs 11,05,000. A scooter worth Rs 30,000 has also been seized by the police.
Calangute police have registered an offence under sections 20 (b) (ii) (A), 20 (ii) (B), 21 (a), 22(b) and 22 (c) of the NDPS Act.


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