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Eric Many: Runtown Lied About Winning Court Case

Eric Many Entertainment has called out former record label artist, Douglas Jack Agu a.k.a Runtown for lying about winning lawsuit slammed against him by his former label.

Eric Many in a new press release said that the case with Runtown is still ongoing and the singer has not been granted victory in court.

Johnson Adumike speaking for Eric Many said the news pushed by the label’s former artiste on social media is a lie ” Runtown did not win the case. He has not even filed a defence.”

A part of the statement reads as follows;

“It has come to the knowledge of Ericmany Limited that our artiste, Douglas Jack Agu, alias ‘Runtown’, has taken to the social media, especially twitter and Instagram, celebrating a supposed ‘victory’ in our case in Court. Runtown is telling lies.

“Runtown did not win the case. He has not even filed a defence. His lawyers only challenged the jurisdiction of the Court, claiming that the case is supposed to go for arbitration. Ericmany challenged the right of Runtown’s lawyer to appear in the case, since the same lawyer prepared the Recording Contract which Runtown is breaching.”

“On 4th December, 2018, the Court ruled that Runtown’s lawyer can appear. But the Court dismissed Runtown’s application challenging its jurisdiction. It held that a breach of the contract is not for arbitration. The Court also held that Runtown should maintain the status quo. This means that Runtown should stop operations until the case is over.”

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