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“They would’ve silenced me if I had skeleton in my cupboard” – Saraki

The Senate President of the federation, Bukola Saraki has stated that the administration of President Buhari would have silenced him if he had any skeleton in his cupboard.

Saraki made this known when he paid a visit to the palace of the Olofa of Offa, Muftau Gbadamosi, on Sunday. According to Saraki, if not for God, he ”will not be standing today.”

He said:

“If I have skeleton in my cupboard, this government would have silenced me and forced me to drop the campaign. But for God and the support of the people I would not be standing today. They didn’t want to honor our agreement. We all laboured and what they couldn’t get in three times they got it and we demanded that they give to Kwara what we deserve.”

Saraki added:

“APC leaders in Kwara can’t access President Buhari for anything. They will first have to go and submit their request to Lagos and it is only when Lagos is satisfied with the request that it will be forwarded to Buhari who may or not do it.”

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