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Father Of Baby With Multiple Holes In The Heart Denies Absconding (Video)

Father of little Beniah who has multiple holes in his heart, has denied absconding with the N70m Nigerians raised for him.

Earlier today, there were reports that Mr Agoboye Monday might have absconded with the donations.

KBK who was amongst the many Nigerians that helped raised the money, had earlier today shared a post on his Instagram page, alleging that Mr Monday had cut him off since the N70m donations. This fueled specualtions he had absconded.

However, DaddyFreeze, who also helped raise funds for Beniah’s surgery, had a video call with Mr Monday to clarify the issues.

Mr Monday and he denied absconding with the donations made. He said he chose to go lowkey for security reasons and that they are set to travel out of Nigeria as soon as possible.

He also showed the passports he has procured for himself and his son. Mr Monday also said he had been busy with his wife who just gave birth on January 31st.

Watch video below;

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