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11-Year-Old Girl Slaps Painter Who Tried To Touch Her Chest (Photos)

Following an incident which happened recently between an eleven year old girl and a painter in a part of Nigeria, warning has been made to parents and guardians to be careful how they leave their children/wards at home with workers.

In a viral video posted online by the girl’s father, the painter identified as Samuel tried to use the opportunity that the little girl was in the backyard alone and attempted to touch her br*asts while working in the compound.

He told her to come so he could touch her br*asts after ‘sending her on an errand’.

This prompted the little girl to slap him and run away. The girl later notified her family of what happened between her and the painter.

The painter’s confession was recorded in a video and shared by the girl’s father as he reportedly took to young man to the police station over the act.

See photos below;

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