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APC Chooses Ahmed Lawan As The Next Senate President

The All Progressive Congress (APC) has revealed Senator Ahmed Lawan as its preferred candidate for the Senate President seat in the 9th National Assembly.

According to Punch, Lanre Isa-Onilu, the party National Publicity Secretary, Lanre Isa-Onilu, while addressing the press on Wednesday in Abuja said that the zoning for the remaining positions in the Senate and House of Representatives are yet to be decided. He said:

“We have decided who will be the next Senate President according to what democratic principles allow and that person is Senator Ahmed Lawan. That has been done and announced, it is left for the party to cross the ‘t’s and dot the ‘i’s to get that sorted out.

“My emphasis is on the fact that we are not going to share powers, including what the PDP people call juicy committees and we call strategic committees, with people that Nigerians have rejected. They are exclusive for the APC.

“We don’t need them to head any committee where they are going to compromise the promises we have made to Nigerians.

“Nigerians cannot give us a mandate and we will go and give part of it to those they have rejected. We cannot betray the people of this country and we will never do it. The zoning arrangement for all the other positions is in the works.

“Just as the media and Nigerians have been informed about who our preferred candidate for the Senate Presidency is, we will come out to tell you what the zoning formula will be for the remaining positions in the Senate and also in the House of Representatives very shortly.

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