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Lady Allegedly Runs Mad In Enugu After Dropping From A Toyota Venza (Photos)

There seems to be another victim of money ritualists earlier today in Enugu state after it was claimed a young lady ran mad after being dropped off by a driver in the metropolis.

According to a twitter user who witnessed the incident, the young lady was dropped off by the driver of a Totota Venza car and allegedly went mad moments after that at Maryland estate junction axis.

The incident caused a huge scene in the area as people gathered in their numbers to see for themselves.

This is coming months after a young lady allegedly stripped naked and ran mad at the Abkpa area of Enugu, Tuesdays after she dropped from a public bus at Texaco filling station. On waiting to get another bus that will take her to Obiagu, she started stripping herself.

According to passersby, they claimed the young lady must have been used for money rituals.

The lady was captured on camera roaming on the streets utterly unclad, as people were taking pictures and videos of her.

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