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Nigerian Lady Calls Emmanuel Adebayor ‘Useless’; He Replies

Togolese footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor was not having it as he responded to a Nigerian lady who called him ‘useless’.

His response came after the said lady criticized his girlfriend, Dillish Matthews for vowing to beat a beauty queen who sent her a DM about laying in bed with the footballer.

Meriam shared a DM from Dillish vowing to beat her after she sent the message below,

“I hope Dillish wore the MK lingerie that she bought from me two years ago when she’s with her soccer player in bed because,that’s the same lingerie I wore when I slept in the same bed with Adebayor in London .I didn’t f-k him that night .Remind her that I met him before she did .

Let her enjoy while she can,I still have his WhatsApp number!! Don’t get too excited for things I could have same way you met him!! Same way you met him’

When the Nigerian lady commented,

“How can two women be fighting over such a useless man”

Adebayor responded by blasting her selfies and calling her ‘ugly as f-k’

See their exchange below,

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