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Prophetess Cancels Her Crusade After Being Linked To Trending “Resurrection” Pastor

Controversial Pastor, Alph Lukau was reportedly due for a grand visit to Zimbabwe’s second largest city, Bulawayo at the invitation of Pastor Lillian Bwanya of Spirit Filled International Ministries.

Pastor Bwanya has cancelled the crusade and emphasised that she only invited one Pastor Israel linked to Lukau despite the controversial prophet listed as the headline act on the crusade’s poster.

“I am not linked to Lukau and I did not invite him. I invited Pastor Israel who happens to be linked to Lukau but I do not know how Lukau got to be on the posters of my crusade,” said Pastor Bwanya.

The prophetess further explained:

“Pastor Israel designed the poster and put in Lukau on the poster. I did not have a say on the posters.

A member of the church said on Sunday before the whole resurrection storm broke Pastor Bwanya spoke highly about Prophet Lukau saying she had seen him in a vision on a big stage and the two were preaching together in the vision.

“Pastor told us that she had a vision of her and Lukau preaching on a big stage to a big crowd,” he said.

However, Pastor Bwanya disputed these allegations saying the congregants misunderstood her.

“No, that’s not what I said; I said I had a vision of my own church growing. In the vision I saw myself preaching to a larger crowd. I never said anything to do with Lukau,” said the prophetess.

She claims the crusade was not cancelled because of Lukau.

“We have cancelled the whole crusade because I need time to get into the spirit so that I do not get caught up on the wrong side with the wrong people,” she said.

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