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These 3 Tips Will Help You In Getting A White Teeth

There are multiple factors that cause teeth to become dull and lose their bright, white sparkle. Certain foods can stain your enamel, which is the outermost layer of your teeth.

However, sometimes teeth look yellow because the hard enamel has eroded away, revealing the dentin underneath.

Having a white set of teeth creates a good first impression, makes you look younger and boosts your confidence.

Here are few simple tips that will help you to make your teeth whiter:

1. Colour of your food is important

Drink less of dark drinks such as coffee, cola, black tea or red wine. Those drinks not only stain your teeth, but also can weaken them over time. If you anyway love those drinks, try to use a straw while drinking them, to have less contact with your white teeth.

2. What you eat affects your teeth

Certain foods must be avoided because they can change the colour of your teeth. Foods such as: soy sauce, ketchup and almost all acidic foods and drinks (lemons, candies, sodas) Instead, eat more nuts, whole grains, fruits and vegetables rich in fibre and drink more water.

One simple and interesting truth is that spicy foods can be great for your teeth, because spices encourage the production of saliva which helps to wash out food’s leftovers. Saliva also contains special substances that naturally fight bacteria in the mouth.

3. Brush your teeth regularly

One of the main reasons of every teeth problems and stains is bacteria. In order to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth white – brush them regularly. The enamel of your teeth softens by the acidic environment in your mouth after eating, this is why, it’s better to wait at least 30 minutes (after your meal) before brushing your teeth.

If you don’t have a possibility to brush your teeth after every meal or 3 times a day, which would be an ideal, try to do it at least twice a day.

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