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Car Wash Attendant Nabbed With Human Skeleton In Ibadan (Photos)

There was pandemonium after a man was apprehended in Ibadan, Oyo state capital, for having a human skeleton in his possession.

According to reports, the suspect, a car wash attendant identified as Ismaila Raji was nabbed by residents last week while he was trying to offload a dried corpse in a nearby bush in the vicinity.

According to Double A Media, this same man was caught at the second gate of the University of Ibadan sometimes ago and thereafter, at Benjamin, Eleyele road recently for same crime.

The suspect in his confession reportedly revealed that, he hails from Gbodu compound at Molete Bode, Ibadan and he was nabbed by the residents after killing somebody at Olorunsogo.

He confessed that he sprayed a chemical that he bought on the corpse to decay fast without oozing foul odour after he killed the victim that Friday to prevent suspicion of people.

The suspect said; “Ismaila Raji is my name and I hail from Gbodu Compound at Molete Bode. I am working as a car wash attendant at UI, along Bodija road. I was nabbed for killing someone at Olorunsogo. When I was in Olorunsogo, the man persuade me to stay in his house.

“His name is Rasaki Musibau, he is a trailer mechanic in Lagos. I told him I can’t but he forced me. He switched on the TV for me, then I started seeing many strange guests in the house and as a result, I was terrified.

“Afterwards, he tried to strangle me but I overpowered him by tangling him to death instead, with a towel.

“Then I brought his corpse to Olorunsogo by a waste disposal truck which I bribed the driver, Fatai Shaibu who lives at kosodo area of Jawesola with three hundred thousand naira (N300,00) for the operation.

“Since I brought him to Olorunsogo, I never sleep there. I went to sleep in a church at Aremo in aim to take the corpse to Agodi prison to confess my crime.

“He has not decay when I brought him here. I killed him upper Friday and sprayed chemical on him to decay fast without smelling. However, I have killed seven other people so far which most of the victims were the students of Lagelu grammar school.

“I was sent by Tola, the owner of Tola bread bakery at Aremo. He is the one who sent me on the mission for the sum of five hundred thousand naira (N500, 000).

“My colleagues and I do often sit in the school premises. That is where we capture them, and my colleagues Sunday, Kella, Awilo, omo Ola, ID noble are currently hunting there now. They are barbers at Aremo Koloko, Ibadan.”

The suspect was beaten brutally by those who nabbed him before he was handed over to the police, making it the third time he’s been arrested for the same crime.

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