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I’ll Give Iwobi AFCON Winning Tips – Okocha

Nigerian football legend, Austin Jay Jay Okocha, has disclosed that he will give his nephew, Alex Iwobi AFCON winning tips in his first attempt at the  2019 Africa Cup of Nations in June.

Okocha who was part of the winning Eagles team in 1994 at his maiden appearance at the AFCON finals, said he will give AFCON winning tips to Iwobi, his 22-year-old nephew who was born in Lagos to Okocha’s sister and arrived in the UK aged four.

Iwobi had earlier expressed his desire to match his uncle Okocha by winning the AFCON which is a 24-team competition which will hold in Egypt from June 21 to July 19, at his first attempt.

Speaking about Iwobi, Okocha said; “I think he (Iwobi) has done so well since making his debut for the Eagles, and for me the good thing about him is that he can only get better.

“He’s a very humble young man willing to learn every day and that shows in his performance. He keeps getting better and improving each day, and I hope he will achieve that dream of winning it on his first try.”

He added, “Of course, I will try and chip in some advice for him to achieve that (win the AFCON). It’s a massive opportunity. I was thinking it was going to be easy to win it again after we won it in 1994 but it was not possible for the team until after I retired from football.

“So, it’s a massive opportunity and it is good for some of us to pass that information to all these young ones, for them to realise that you might only get one chance to win it.”

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